Photovoltaics for self-consumption

The freedom to generate your own power

Inelsa was pioneer in 1998 at installing the first photovoltaic installation in Northwestern Spain.

More than 20 MW have been installed for self consumption and distributed generation in Spain, Mexico and Chile.

We manage the complete turnkey project, from the energy efficiency analysis through project design, installation, start-up and management of licences and subsidies.

Finally, we also monitor remotely the PV facilities and perform regular preventative maintenance jobs to ensure its smooth operation and durability.

Agrobusiness and aquaculture facilities

More than 3 MW have been installed in photovoltaic installations for self-consumption in cattle farms, vineyards, greenhouses and aquaculture facilities, among other sectors.

Paneles solares granja
paneles solares en Las Lomas. Chile
paneles solares en Granja Camilo

Industrial and retail facilities

Over 15 MW have been installed in photovoltaic installations for self-consumption in food processing, manufacturing, mining and retail facilities, among others.

Paneles solares Marín Galicia
Parque foto voltaico Cruz del Sur
Paneles solares en Fábrica Rogelio Iglesias

Government and public buildings

More than 1 MW in photovoltaic installations for self-consumption in sports, educational and governmental installations.

paneles solares en Hospital Chihuahua
Instalación Centro educativo secundaria
Cersia instalación fotovoltaica autoconsumo

Residential facilities

Over 2 MW in photovoltaic installations for self-consumption in hotels, housing states and private homes. In many cases, the installation is complemented with thermal solar panels to provide heating and SHW.

paneles solares en Ponteceso
paneles solares en Punta Seame
paneles solares en Carballido

Batteries & EV charging stations

Batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles are integrated in photovoltaic installations to capitalize on  renewable energy benefits for our customers.

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Carga eléctrica autoconsumo
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