R & D

Our pioneering and innovative character places R & D at the core of our activity. We collaborate with research institutes to develop projects, some of which have been awarded at international exhibits.

Developed Projects



Innovative thermal solar panel with High Energetic Efficiency

Celda automatizada de soldadura por ultrasonidos de paneles solares térmicos

Welding Robot

Development of an ultrasound welding cell for thermal solar panels.

Robot para rozar paredes e instalar tubo

Carving Robot

Robot designed to carve slots on walls to install electric conduits. In intensive works, it avoids workers from being exposed to dust and vibrations

Fachada Térmica

Thermal façade

Thermal façade that takes the heat of the solar radiation absorbed by the façade to heat up sanitary water.

Soleris, Sistema termosolar para edificios de viviendas e industriales

Soleris System

Thermo solar system financed by FEDER-INNTERCONECTA, designed to reduce heating and SHW needs in residential and industrial business buildings.

Inneo, Sistema de anclaje anisotrópico de báculos de alumbrado.


Anchoring system for road light poles. It saves human lives and reduces car damage. Awarded with the Gold Medal at the 35th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products in Geneva (Switzerland).

Interior inelsa

Logistics Supply Channel

Design of a new logistics Site Supply Channel to reduce delivery times and reduce costs.

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